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Август 13, 2012 — 16:24

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P+S TECHNIKhas successfully combined more than 20 years of experience in the industry with in depth knowledge in optomechanics in the development of its professional 3D Stereo Rigs. A constantly cultivated close relationship with customers and experienced users allows us to tailor our products to fit the industries needs. The PSMicro Rig is the most compact and lightweight beamsplitter mirror stereo 3D Rig. This compact design still includes all features a professional beamsplitter 3D rig needs, enabling a very quick set up.




The PS-Freestyle Rig is especially designed to offer a maximum of creative choice for camera movement in 3D production. By using patented Carbon technology originally used for Formula 1 race cars, the best combination of load capacity, stability, form and weight was achieved.


The Evolution Upgrade for the PS-Freestyle Rig is designed for heavy camera setups and ensures a quick setup and calibration process as well as stable alignments for broadcast and digital film applications. A range of ergonomic mounting accessories prepare the Freestyle Rig for steadycam, shoulder, crane, dolly and tripod use. That’s why it is the most versatile 3D Rig on the market.

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